SMITE is now available on Nintendo Switch – and now it’s playable for free

But slightly different.

This one is going to be real simple. You know what SMITE is, right? It’s a MOBA featuring a bunch of deities and a more action-oriented control scheme. And you know what the Nintendo Switch is, right? It’s the console that is at once what the Wii U thought it could be and Nintendo leveraging its position as a master of gaming handhelds to just make the home console and the handheld one and the same. And now you can play SMITE on the Switch.

Simple, right? Yes, it’s free-to-play (instead of paid early access like it has been for the past few weeks) and it is cross-platform enabled, meaning that you can play with and against people on any other platform. It’s also cross-platform supported insofar as you can start playing on the Switch and use anything and everything you have unlocked on the PC or on Xbox One. So you can just… go play it. You can also watch the trailer for the game on the mobile console just below, if you’re so inclined.

Source: Hi-Rez Studios press release

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Thanos Karageorgiadis

Great news, im gonna download it asap!