The Repopulation previews new tutorial island, lore timeline, and upgraded development servers


The Repopulation’s latest dev update is giving me some serious Star Wars Galaxies player city vibes, but then I guess that was always part of the charm, right?

Developer Idea Fabrik says it’s made significant progress on its complete revamp of the game’s tutorial island, basically down to resculpting, repainting, and retexturing everything. Once rebuilt, the island will basically be a template for tricking out the rest of the world. That includes new buildings.

“With such a variety of areas, and content planned for the area we have begun to create buildings to represent them. Players will be introduced initially to four new buildings. These will be considerably less temporary and/or industrial in appearance than those currently in-game. It is our goal to give these assets a more modern and permanent flare that reflects both the humble origins of Terra and the new styles cultivated on Rhyldan. These buildings will be decorated with a host of assets as time passes. Many of which will be of a high tech nature in appearance. We’ll continue to update older assets to fit with our new theme.”

The devs have also retooled the game’s lore timeline, added a new protagonist, sorted out the missing character bug, optimized character selection, created new faction emblems, and upgraded its development servers.

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