Atlas signals an incoming official server wipe along with a major milestone update


Hope you didn’t get too comfortable in Atlas’ early access, because these pirates are getting ready to swab the decks clean. And by that we mean an official server wipe that’s coming at the end of March in tandem with the MMO’s first major milestone.

“The wipe will allow us to see whether the changes we’re making are heading in the right direction, or whether we need to sit back as a team and further adjust our design for the game. We believe that these systems, which we’re going to discuss in more detail, are some of the most important and core aspect of Atlas,” the studio said. The studio also said that this would address the rampant exploits that have upset the balance between players.

So what are these grand changes that necessitate a full wipe? There’s a whole bunch on the table here, including a world redesign, revamp to the claim system, a new war system, the use of submarines, the addition of guillotines (charming!), a vitamin rebalance (we didn’t make that one up), and tons of bug squashing. Early access testers enduring this wipe will be treated to a special cosmetic item to carry with them into the future.

Source: Atlas. Thanks CapnLan!

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Scott Roy

I gave this title a try a few months ago and was really, REALLY disappointed.

The gameplay is clunky and awful, the hit points as you hack away at OP NPC enemies is awful and then you have the alliances as a cherry on top of the crap cake.

Not a fan.



But honestly things seem pretty stale. Hundreds and thousands of players all blobbed together into these mega alliances. Just wear down smaller groups over the course of weeks. Glad I skipped this one over all.

Toy Clown

After the devs are done with wipes and whatever else they’re doing, I’ll give it a go. Looks pretty fun!

Loyal Patron
Patreon Donor

They will probably end up permanently deleting the base code.


The problem with wipes is, from my experience, every wipe a game misses a portion of the fanbase that doesnt want to do the same things from start again

John Kiser

This is an early access survivazl type game. This is par for the course for them so people should be going into it expecting it.