Black Desert has officially launched for the Xbox One with an ambitious content cadence planned


It’s happening today: MMORPG sandpark Black Desert Online is officially launching on the Xbox One.

Like the PC version, this edition of the game is buy-to-play, with the basic version set at $9.99, though if you want to splash out for more cosmetics, currency, and premium sub time (the ultimate edition even has a tier 5 horse), you’ll be plunking down up to $99.99 total.

As we’ve previously covered, nearly a third of a million people participated in the Xbox One’s beta, and it looks like the cadence for content is going to be quick indeed: According to a snap lifted from last week’s dev stream, the team is planning on rolling out Mediah, Valencia, and Kamasylvia just in the next four months, content that took five times as long to roll out to PC players in the west. At that pace, it won’t be long until the games are brought to parity, which does seem to be the goal. Enjoy the brand-new trailer!

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