Fortnite’s newest patch adds in a Baller ride and a new limited-time getaway

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If you’ve ever really wanted to ride around in a ball while being shot at, Fortnite’s latest patch has you covered. Those of you who desired the riding around part without the being shot at part will have to weigh the risks of taking a ride in the new Baller vehicle. You can at least grapple around to potentially avoid being shot, so that’s a good thing!

The patch also rings with it balance adjustments, a new vending machine offering up single items for those who locate it, and the new limited-time Getaway mode. As the name suggests, the goal is to use a van to, well, get away; of course, you first have to find hidden jewels to grab a van and get out of the area. It should produce a slightly different scramble for picking up supplies and avoiding your opponents, so perhaps it’ll tear you away from your grappling antics in the Baller.