Champions Online brings in hip new armor for the Circus Malvanum race


It’s hip to wear armor in Champions Online. Wait, no, that’s not quite what we’re supposed to say, sorry; it’s that there’s a new hip armor available as a reward for clearing the Circus Malvanum race in the game right now through March 21st. If you want to have some nice iron armor hugging your hips, this is the way to get that. You can look hip while you do it, but let’s keep the order of operations correct.

The Circus Malvanum event should be familiar at this point to Champions players, of course, inviting participants into a vehicle-based checkpoint race. If you lack a vehicle to take part, you can also take advantage of the fact that the game is running a 20% discount on all of its vehicles in the store. In short, get yourself a ride for cheap and then use it to win hip armor. That’s how you win! Well, that and racing.

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Fenrir Wolf

Gosh, that’s not the most inspiring costume piece, is it? Still, every time I see something about Champions Online I get that pang of wanting to go back.

It was so good. Especially in the beta. The beta was like a golden age.