EVE Online’s 10,000 person ‘Aether Wars’ tech demo battle is about to begin


In January of 2018, EVE Online player shenanigans brought to a head the so-called “million-dollar battle.” While we joked about it being a bust since the heavy guns didn’t actually commit titans to the fight and the tech underpinning the battle collapsed, it made for great headlines and a Guinness World Record since 6142 players showed up for the fight. That’s a lotta players.

Since then, CCP Games has doubled its efforts to support these massive battles. Today, it’s running a tech demo for its latest endeavor, a partnership with Hadean and its Aether Engine that will ideally put 10000 people in a battle royale battlefield.

“It’s probably gonna epically crash and burn,” CCP’s Hilmar P├ętursson told Polygon. “Maybe even put a hole in the earth when the servers flare up.” Let’s hope not; we’d miss Iceland. The whole thing is set to kick off at 1:30 EDT for players and gawkers alike – watch along below!

And here’s the trailer while you wait:


Source: Twitter, Hadean
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