Project SU is an Epic Games-backed mobile sandbox MMO coming in 2019


File this one under weird new games: Project SU. In the press release from GDC today, the game is never directly called an MMORPG, though Chinese studio Loong Entertainment says its “production team is searching out new breakthroughs in mobile MMORPGs, striving to bring a better gaming experience to all players,” so it’s a safe assumption. Also according to the PR, the game is being “co-developed” by Loong and Epic Games. It’s a mobile MMO, yes, but a sandboxy one boasting high-end graphics, with a “realistic social ecology” and second profession skills.

“Experience a real world inside Project:SU! Adapted from a popular best-selling novel, Project:SU is a story about an endless war between humans, half-bloods and Dragons. Blending Western, Chinese and Japanese cultures with fantastical elements, the game offers a hybrid environment of magic and realism for players to explore. Whether indulging their passions and blowing off steam in this contemporary cosmopolitan setting at nightclubs and bars or building their own exclusive vehicles and joining in a pulse-pounding auto race, Project:SU offers a truly mind-blowing experience.”

The game is coming “later this year,” but the assets show it off pretty well already.

Source: Press release
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Bruno Brito

A mobile asian sandbox.

Oh no, i’m sure it’ll be great.

David Goodman

I wonder what obligatory PVP system they will implement that requires copious purchases from the in-game store in order to be at the top and get the best rewards?

.. i’ve no respect or expectations for any mobile “MMO”. hell, most mobile games in general, but especially anything that tries to leech off the MMO label.


“Mobile” as in “too much P2W to show to adults playing on PCs – without triggering multiple anti-gambling investigations across the world”?

Bhagpuss Bhagpuss

Is this a different game from Project E, also in development from Loong and Epic, published by Tencent?

Also, did Loong Entertainment develop Loong the MMORPG? I played that for a while a few years back.

Mr Poolaty

Looks similar to me…


The screenshots were taken from the video. The video is gameplay footage? With gaming tablets and capable phones running in the $700-$1000 range, is it really worth it?

In Asia it apparently is.

Kickstarter Donor

Visually, I dig it. Interested in more.


From the screenshots the world looks nice, i searched for the novel but could not find anything … anyway, interested and i hope to see more from the title.

IronSalamander8 .

I’ll say one thing, that woman has a hell of a throwing arm! :P