BlizzCon 2019 announced for the start of November

Here we go again.

It’s almost time! All right, it’s nowhere near time, but it will be time when November 1st rolls around for BlizzCon. The convention dates have been announced for November 1st and 2nd, complete with new pass options for fans to purchase and a new commemorative collectible to celebrate 25 years of the Warcraft franchise. So there’s a lot on display.

Fans looking forward to picking up a ticket will be able to do so starting on May 4th, which is when the first wave opens for sale; the second starts on May 8th, so you’ll have two chances to get in. There’s also plenty of stuff for people to remember before purchasing this year, so you can run that down now ahead of time. Until then, check out the official site, get ready for salt on Twitter over buying passes, and prepare yourself for new announcements for World of WarcraftOverwatch, and maybe one or two other titles. We’re just spitballing here.

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Bruno Brito

I hardly doubt they’ll pull another shitshow like last con, but man, it’ll be tons of fun if they do.


$99.99 Virtual tickets with a smiley face inside of a picture of a mobile device icon, available to be used as Avatars in Starcraft and Warcraft: Reforged (Spray paint available in Overwatch). Also, more child gambling, China, Investors and mobile titles announced. Literally not even being sarcastic on that last bit since they announced that their best developers moved to mobile last year and their target audience were children and China now.

Given the new guidelines China has released, I wonder if they’re still such an enterprising prospect. Many Chinese companies are trying to break into the U.S. due to those restrictions, among other things.

Probably an early announcement of Diablo: Immortal 2 and Diablo Television series. Teaser for Diablo IV mixed in somewhere. Potential teaser for D2 remake.

Meanwhile I’m still sitting pretty from my Three FFXIV Fan Festival Events that were streamed for free, with actually good rewards for those that wanted them. In addition to the free Four Person Mount that came along with the 180 hours of free game time. To say nothing of the Expansion details and even Elder Scrolls Online Expansion. Even GW2 is seeing some nostalgic stuff lately.


Maybe they will announce those mobile projects they have for other IPs like that guy said during last blizzcon in a (failed) attempt to calm people down


I wonder if they’ll try with another Diablo mobile kind of idea ;P

Dug From The Earth

My phone is ready

and honestly, it would be great to see them not sell out of tickets. It would be a clear show that fans are upset at them, and maybe it would be a blow to their ego that is needed to get them to snap out of it.

Bryan Correll

Why would people actually attend Blizzcon? Don’t they have phones that can get all the information?

David Blair

Okay, I giggled.

Oleg Chebeneev

Blizzcons with a new WoW expansion announcement are the best Blizzcons

Sarah Cushaway

I just want Classic’s release to be announced–I thought it was supposed to be this summer? We haven’t even gotten beta tests for it yet.


Only Blizz product on my radar is Warcraft 3 Reforged.


Oddly enough I’m still looking forward to this. In the worst case nothing interesting gets announced but after last years Blizzcon I’m pretty sure Blizzard tries their best to get some info on D4 ready and generally tries to step up their game.

Kickstarter Donor

Or at the very least, not make a mobile game the major announcement. :-)