Albion’s mid-season patch includes three new Outland regions as devs focus on performance

In a big outer land, land stays with you, and also your guild.

A mid-season patch is on the way for Albion Online and it’s including new regions of land in the Outlands, giving players a new avenue for capturing land and earning resources. Not points, however. Siluria, East Glouvia, and West Glouvia will all spawn loot and generate siphoned energy when they go up for capture on May 18th, but they won’t actually contribute points to the sixth GvG season to keep things balanced in that respect.

A lot of the other changes in the current test patch are also being made for purposes of balance; Life Leech is being improved, Auto Fire on Crossbows is being tuned down, Frost Staffs have been bumped up, and so forth. There’s also a new secondary marketplace cluster at Caerleon to reduce crowding. Check out the full set of patch changes on the official forums, keeping in mind that everything is still a work in progress and prone to further changes until the patch goes live.

In other Albion news, Sandbox Interactive posted a fresh statement about its efforts on fixing the game’s server performance this afternoon:

“I promised to keep you informed regarding server performance in preparation for the next reset day. We’ve been hard at work and finally I have some really good news to report: We’ve been able to find the cause for the abominable combat performance in large fights and have already rolled out a temporary workaround last friday which massively improved the situation over the weekend! While we’re not happy with this workaround as a long term solution (see below), we’re confident that fights are already be significantly better and you should be able to fight more smoothly than ever before. Happy zerging!”

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