Jupiter and a new game mode beckon Warframe’s Tenno


The largest gas giant outside of a YouTube comments section, Jupiter has always been the source of deep fascination. Soon, it will also be the source of an action-packed Warframe content drop.

The Jovian Update is on its way shortly to the multiplayer shooter, and with it comes a remaster of Gas City, the shotgun-wielding Wisp warframe, encounters with cyber-mutants, and a Ropalolyst boss fight. If that’s not enough, there’s the new endless Disruption horde mode, which challenges players to activate and protect multiple artifacts at a time.

The team said that players should enjoy the new visuals: “Thanks to the tech advancements made by our engine team for Plains Of Eidolon and Fortuna, its made our job quite easy. The environment now feels gigantic, and the skyboxes really convey the scale of Jupiter. The addition of more exterior tiles has made the levels feel much more expansive, as we’re not confined to hallways and large rooms anymore.”


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> The environment now feels gigantic

It doesn’t really matter when the content is boring and looks ugly – especially after Anthem visuals.