Final Fantasy XIV challenges fans to hunt for irregular tomestones with the Moogle Treasure Trove

What is even happening now

Do you want to do random older content in Final Fantasy XIV to earn a grab bag of odd rewards for familiar content or new Namazu earrings? If so, then somehow the Moogle Treasure Trove event is exactly what you were looking for. If you weren’t looking for it, on the other hand… well, you’ll still be able to take part just the same. Clear specific duties without cheesing them via undersized parties and you’ll earn Irregular Tomestones of Philosophy, which can be exchanged for prizes from moogles in the three major cities.

The duties are an odd grab bag of choices, from the two MSQ eight-person dungeons to an assortment of older four-person dungeons to the entirety of the Crystal Tower series. The rewards, meanwhile, are also an odd grab bag of choices, from minions that can be difficult to obtain otherwise to beast tribe mounts to the Odin cosmetic gear from FATE tokens. So it’s an odd combination of stuff to hunt for an odd combination of rewards, but hey, it runs from May 30th until the release of patch 5.0; you needed to do something with that chunk of time, right?

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i will be so burned out if i get into this before the expansion comes out

Carlo Lacsina
Carlo Lacsina

*finds out you can get zantetsuken from this event*

You had me at Zantetsuken. :0 :D


This is far too grindy for me in this game.


Depending on how its handled, I’m guessing Caestrum Meridium will be a popular run. Of the 2, it’s the quickest and definitely of everything available for the tomestones it will be the fastest way to gain them. However, the sheer lack of information on this is disconcerting, as is some of the choices for it.

First, is the challenges repeatable? And, is what listed on there the only dungeons available for these challenges? If so, that’s just… that’s weak. If it is meant to help progression, that doesn’t even cover all of the progression dungeons.
And on top of that, why negate joining in progress for the benefits? If nobody is incentivized to run these as a join-in, how fair is that for groups who lose a member or have to kick someone. For all I have played, it isn’t like joining in progress is an all too common thing for me to run into, nor would it be a reliable manner of ‘finishing’ things quicker.

Also, why not incentivize the roulette too? Hell, the Main Story Quest roulette is literally nothing but those two dungeons! You may as well tie in even just a few of the tomestomes for the daily bonus with it.

Also… hard to get items from the Diadem, I definitely understand. Mounts that might not be guaranteed to drop from Extreme Primals, okay… not like they are handed out but candy but whatever. But… Just Ifrit crafting mats? A bunch of non time-limited beast tribe mounts and items?

Literally the only items here that are new is the earrings as well as the map that exists solely for the Treasure Dungeons. The only things worth it, however, would be the maps and the Answers Orchestrion, the latter of which is usually a rather expensive roll to buy over the marketplace. The riding maps are okay, and the MGP card is alright too, but considering the FF15 crossover ends before this event even starts I doubt anyone will be feeling the need to get MGP unless the vendors stick around longer.


Well, at least FFXIV reddit might have some posts for a while that aren’t more bloody fan art.

Really folks: almost nobody cares how cute your Au-Ra fem is in that suit of armor with cool lighting.

David Blair

Wow, that is a really bad return on investment. They want you to run a dungeon, at level, 100 times, for an earring glamour… those item tomestone costs are wayyy too high…