TERA has officially moved over to the En Masse launcher on PC

Well, this is a... something?

TERA isn’t moving anywhere by itself, but its launcher has changed. The game has moved from its dedicated launcher to the En Masse launcher, thus unifying itself with other localized games by En Masse Entertainment and giving you incentive to try out those games as well. Luckily for players, the benefits are not purely for the corporate side, as the new launcher will also have benefits for people launching the game with no intention of playing anything else.

The announcement happily touts that patches will be both faster and more efficient, with fewer restarts needed during the update process; players will also have access to social channels during the launch process. Faster patching is always welcome, so players will have a reason to at least hope for a more efficient path to updating the game to make up for the inconvenience of switching to a new launcher.

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Jack Pipsam

If you’re playing through Steam, for now, it seems to be using the dedicated launcher still, but that makes sense I guess. No point launching another multi-game launcher from a multi-game launcher.


This game is the slowest downloading/updating game I’ve played. If this fixed it, I’d give it another install.


Yay…Another Launcher… /s