Revelation Online’s Heaven and Earth expansion is live with companions and new endgame content


Heaven and Earth are colliding today, but not into each other – just into Revelation Online.

“This update includes high-level content and new features for adventurers of all aspects to enjoy,” and Netease say of the expansion. “One highly anticipated feature is the brand-new Zodiac Dungeon – The Temple of the Twelve! In this dungeon, 12 unique Zodiac bosses can be challenged from level 59 onwards. The dungeon scales to the level of the player’s group, ensuring that 5-player parties can band together and feel the challenge as they beat bosses and earn their rewards throughout their journey to reach the endgame at level 79.”

What kind of rewards? Oh nothing big, just “summoning tokens and experience items to maintain and upgrade your loyal companion.” OK, so maybe something big, as the companion system is new for the game, giving you new human pets to boss around.

“Battle Companions are players’ loyal combat partners who will dive right into the fray with you! Be it on the battlefield or in the arena, Battle Companions will prove to be valuable allies, each one has their own specialty with an ultimate ability and several class talents.”

Everything’s live today; we’ve got the new pics and trailer down below!

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