Anthem releases update 1.2.0 – without loot changes – and plans PTS for Cataclysm

We never claimed to be saints.

The latest update for BioWare’s MMO-shooter Anthem has gone live, bringing with it some minor quality-of-life improvements, a handful of gear adjustments, and a bunch of bug fixes. The update introduces three new Emerald Abyss Legendary Missions and adds “a simple UI for players to communicate non-verbally with each other and express themselves via emotes.” In addition, the compass has been improved to point out nearby collectible items, which will display as question marks, and enemies who are guaranteed to drop loot are now highlighted with target icons.

Community reaction to the update has been overwhelmingly negative, with many players decrying the lack of any major features or requested changes, like adjustments to the game’s loot system which players have been asking for for some time now. “Zero loot changes btw. So don’t worry, you still won’t be playing,” reads the most-upvoted comment in the Anthem subreddit’s thread regarding the update.

Although the folks at BioWare are still yet to comment on any concrete plans to address the community’s loot concerns, Community Manager Darokaz does address the release of the game’s Cataclysm feature, which was delayed alongside many other planned Act 1 features last month. “Rather than rush it out the door, we want to take time and get feedback from you and make changes based on what we hear,” Darokaz writes in a recent newspost. To that end, the studio will be releasing a Public Test Server on PC, “which will allow [players] to see the content as it’s being developed and [give them] the ability to provide feedback.”

There’s no indication of when this PTS will be going up, but Darokaz promises that the devs will be “diving deeper into these topics (and others) as well as giving a first look at the Cataclysm” in tomorrow’s livestream, which players can catch at 4 p.m. EDT on the game’s Twitch channel.

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Anton Mochalin

Meanwhile in the Warframe universe: new frame, several new weapons and enemies, a new boss fight, new crafting material, new mission type, a tileset rework, 2 new events, and a domestik drone.

Kickstarter Donor

This seems to be more and more apparent each time they patch this game and don’t listen to the player base.

Dug From The Earth

Athem has been dead for me for awhile now.. but it was that “maybe we can get the paddles and still bring it back to life later” sorta dead.

As of last week, I officially removed it to make room on my SSD for the FREE Sims 4 game that EA gave out.


and SIMS 4 for gods sake.

When your game gets uninstalled to make room for a free sims game… there is no coming back from that.


F2P announce when?

Even though the game’s cost is already $20 ($25 with DLC) I’m not going to buy it just to fall for the SWTOR-style ransomware trick again after the devs locked high tier equipment and money on my (previously paid) account and asked for additional $15 to unlock it back after F2P transition.

Kickstarter Donor

Surprise patch, but probably better this way given how lackluster it is. Seems like some decent changes, but nothing remotely commensurate with a month of total silence. Their efforts have to largely be focused on future content and changes given how small this update is.

Surprisingly though, there’s no stream slot for Anthem at EA Play at E3. Other recent releases all have a time, but not Anthem. It makes me wonder if they’re further behind with Cataclysm than at least I may have thought and that other content and features are still a ways off.

It’s a glimmer of hope for the game, but in the deep abyss it resides in it’s going to need a lot more than a glimmer. I’m just hoping that blog reporting “leaks” isn’t accurate, because if it is then there continue to be bigger internal issues at BW : /