Sea of Thieves talks next update plans, Battle for LA event, and commendation rebalance


Sea of Thieves’ Joe Neate is back to cap off the week with another quick run-down of what Rare has been up to. According to Neate, the game’s next update is planned to launch “in a couple of weeks’ time,” but don’t get too excited; it’s chiefly focused on polish and bug fixing “of the existing experience” rather than brand-new content. Tall Tales, especially the first one from way back when, is the subject of specific scrutiny as devs want to make sure the first puzzle isn’t a turn-off to newbies just jumping into the system for the first time.

In the meantime, the studio is prepping for E3 (which’ll preclude a dev video next week), a reveal stream on Monday with Xbox One, and the odd part-esports, part-fight-the-devs, part-promotion “Battle for LA” Mixer showdown, also taking place on Monday.

Finally, Rare announced this week that it’s nuked plans to rebalance the Legendary Sea Dog Commendation, meaning it won’t be made easier to achieve. “It’s a big achievement and we don’t want to take that away from players who want to try to reach this goal,” the team now says.

Source: YouTube