OrbusVR previews its raid and overworld content for its June 11th patch

In a pretty how town.

Fans of OrbusVR have to wait a little bit longer for the game’s next patch to arrive on June 11th, but at least the sheer volume of content will have hopefully been worth the wait. The patch delivers a new raid, the Ruins of Guild City, featuring five bosses meant to challenge a group of 10 players at once. Players will have a new queue option to enter the raid directly, matching you up to a full party if you queue up with less than 10 players.

There’s also a new set of overworld objectives, including new missions and questlines like the Explorer’s League Outpost and the Brotherhood. These quests will include changes to the world as you play through them, offering rewards beyond just the quests themselves. You can get yourself hyped up for the patch content arriving on June 11th with the full rundown on the official site.