Warframe hosts a Nightwave event, posts TennoCon schedule


“As we count the days until TennoCon 2019, it’s evident that our ambitious goals for this year are needing all hands on deck, literally. Meaning that our plan to launch Nightwave Season 2 before TennoCon is going to be tight — and we don’t want the downtime to be too long.”

Digital Extremes certainly has big and busy plans for Warframe this year, but to keep players occupied for right now, the studio has activated a special Nightwave: Intermission event that also involves something called “degrindification.” Basically, easier effort to fun rewards.

And speaking of TennoCon, the full schedule is up for the July 6th convention. If you’re attending or watching, you’ll have to choose between up to four different panels at any given time throughout the day. That cosplay contest looks like a must-watch!

Source: Warframe, #2. Thanks Sophiskiai!

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Looks like there’s also going to be a bit of a Railjack/Empyrean peek at E3 on Monday (as part of the PC Gaming Show which I believe Hikari is going to be providing livestreamed Twitch commentary on?) as a teaser for the Tennocon reveals.

I’m wondering if our progress from one Intermission will carry over to the next Intermission or reset each time?

Very glad we’re getting more Aura Forma without having to do fragging Arbitrations, looking forward to getting the Eidolon Ephemera, and hopeful feedback from this will let them iterate to an even better Season 2!