Final Fantasy XI patches in Ninja changes and a Cait Sith battlefield

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The latest version update for Final Fantasy XI has arrived, and as always it brings with it new things to fight. Sure, there’s the new set of Ambuscade objectives, but there’s also a new high-end battle against the enigmatic Cait Sith from Wings of the Goddess, complete with players debating over the value of the rewards for that battlefield in the forums. Life is wonderful. Just be aware that you may get less out of this particular fight than the one against Odin.

Ninja players will also be dealing with rearranged Merit categories, with Raiton: San and Suiton: San being moved to scrolls and a general rearrangement of how categories and benefits work. The actual effects of the spells haven’t changed, but your points will be used differently, so keep that in mind if you’ve been leveling Ninja diligently and want to make the most of your merits. You can also check out the developers explaining the rationale behind the updates in video format just below.

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