Blade & Soul outlines item changes arriving on July 24

Sexy, kinda.

The next patch for Blade & Soul is bringing some item changes when it arrives on July 24th, including the ability to send PvP items to other characters on your account. You’ll need to re-seal weapons before sending them, since weapons are class-specific, but you can do that with Brilliant Sealing Charm Fragments, so players can help alts progress once they reach a certain point of progression. There are also new material breakdown rewards and a new item for augmenting legendary talismans.

Those not terribly worried about items will potentially still benefit from the patch’s UI improvements, including a new three-person team mode for Shackled Isles and new language settings for players using the European client. For a detailed listing of exactly how the new item changes will work out, take a look at the full set of official notes; it’s useful to have this in mind ahead of the patch, since there might be a few items you’ll want to hold on to in light of new information.

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Just gonna wait for the Unreal Engine 4 remaster before I jump back into this game. Sad that it’s postponed to next year.


Typical patch, for the most part. Making room for new levels of difficulty and new content.

The weapon transfers to alts is something very new though. Although it is so easy to upgrade your weapon to the first stages of endgame now, it isn’t a huge deal.

But, it is a good update. Looking forward to this fall big drop in a few months.