Z1 Battle Royale’s latest patch is adding in race cars

Vroom vroom

Sure, let's rip this off.

So maybe Z1 Battle Royale (formerly H1Z1, formerly King of the Kill, briefly known as High Lord Algernon Whipoorwill And His Amazing Whirlygig for some reason) doesn’t have the most consistent tone, but you know what would help that? Race cars. In fact, why not add a whole mode of the game that’s all about racing around and (if you find the time) shooting other players? We’ll take your dumbfounded staring as agreement, as that’s what the latest patch is deploying into the game with the new Racer vehicle and the Raining Racers mode.

The Racer vehicle is currently only accessible in that mode, but will be added to normal vehicle rotation for the game’s next season. For the moment, though, players start that mode with two signal flares to summon a racer and greatly increased toxic gas damage. Thus, it’s both a race and a contest to see who survives. Check out the full patch notes if your dumbfounded staring has now been replaced with a slightly baffled but accepting shrug.

Source: Steam
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Oh man, Daybreak just refuses to give up on H1Z1.