Blight’s alpha is a portal to a ‘cruel, harsh’ PvP world


Do you feel as though too many MMOs have a soft underbelly these days? Then you may wish to cut your teeth on an up-and-coming medieval title that aims to replicate the thrill of a “harsh, cruel world of PvP and free-for-all loot.”

The game in question is Blight, a passion project of one guy who has been working on the title for nine years now. The inspiration for it is old school Ultima Online, where anything could and would happen in its lawless environs. Blight is currently being funded by Patreon supporters and is taking signups for alpha testing.

“I feel I am finally to the point where I have a solid MMO system base,” Blight’s developer said. “In its current state, it is more than vaporware as it could be ran as a simple MMO, but I will continue to pour my passion into the project and build out the game.”

And of course there is the promise of battle royale:

Source: Blight MMO
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