Blight’s alpha is a portal to a ‘cruel, harsh’ PvP world


Do you feel as though too many MMOs have a soft underbelly these days? Then you may wish to cut your teeth on an up-and-coming medieval title that aims to replicate the thrill of a “harsh, cruel world of PvP and free-for-all loot.”

The game in question is Blight, a passion project of one guy who has been working on the title for nine years now. The inspiration for it is old school Ultima Online, where anything could and would happen in its lawless environs. Blight is currently being funded by Patreon supporters and is taking signups for alpha testing.

“I feel I am finally to the point where I have a solid MMO system base,” Blight’s developer said. “In its current state, it is more than vaporware as it could be ran as a simple MMO, but I will continue to pour my passion into the project and build out the game.”

And of course there is the promise of battle royale:

Source: Blight MMO

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Do you feel as though too many MMOs have a soft underbelly these days?

No, I feel like there are too many MMOs that have nothing in them but empty maps and basic pvp mechanics.



I completely agree. That is why this game looks so bad still!

I have been focusing on nothing but the underlying systems and back end frame works to actually handle what an MMO requires.

Most developers just start making an MMO and put all their systems reliant on the dedicated server or they purchase a third party software set up for the web server but dont correctly utilize the web server and still put their systems on the dedicated server. Then the nightmare of what they created dawns on them and the project dies.

There is a video I linked further down in the comments that goes over these systems.

I design data systems first and then put game play around them.


Hey guys,

Thanks for writing this article up! Someone just linked it to me in my discord. Definitely made my Monday!

I spent 7 years on HeroEngine until I made the switch to Unreal Engine 4 upon Fortnites BR and Epic’s major milestones added to the engine during 4.18-4.22 and still coming.

I would just like to emphasize greatly that I am a web developer also known as a full stack developer.

MMO’s require systems built outside of just the dedicated server client, these types of systems known as web servers are what I specialize in.

I decided to focus on a Battle Royale Game Mode that will be part of the Match Making system as a way for me to hyper test large player combat. My focus is still 100% to create a large open world with player housing and clan holdings with abundant resources but harsh rule sets. These wont be two different games, you will queue into the BR game mode through the MMO world like you would in a WOW battle grounds.

also as a side note I design and sell sub-system assets on UE4’s marketplace like my Battle Royale addon that allows other developers to easily integrate a Battle Royale into their game. This helps me engage the UE4 dedicated server development community to open my understanding of others implementations.

While the game looks horrendous visually, you can see that all the underlying systems are built to be handled on top of my MMO webserver systems I built myself.

A huge thing to note as well is I did state that if I can not support this financially myself I will release the source code to the community to build their own MMO’s upon or carry my flame.

I am not just taking a bunch of pretty assets and flashing promises, I am building raw data systems that any MMO can be built on top in Unreal Engine 4 and it is all driven by my passion to make UO 3D with Felucca like rule sets.

Thank you again!

Jon Wax

Good on you. Don’t let the echo chamber hamper your goal. Make your game your way. Wish I had your skillset. Good luck!


Well as long as he’s having fun then that’s nice I guess just so long as he realizes that if you fill an aquarium with nothing but sharks you’ll end up with an empty aquarium.


I think abundant resources are the key here. Death will suck but you will easily be able to gear back up and get back out there.

The hardest problem to solve is inventory management in MMO’s which is why I am making the inventory system have a web interface so you can manage all inventory online (other than your characters personal inventory) or through an app.

The end goal with this is to hopefully create functionality on the web server to set up custom gear bag creation based on filters set to find items.
As well as mobile management and mini-games to play when you aren’t at the desktop.
A house builder, clan manager, inventory manager, horticulture manager, and more.

I know it sounds like a lot but that is all end goal and the base systems i have created can easily support that.

You can see the web interface alpha sate here:

At first the abundant resources will probably be annoying to the point where you will be tossing items just to make room for the slightly better things until these systems are flushed out and have the functionality built around them to manage the items properly.

hope that helps convey some of my approaches and ideas on how to handle such a harsh world.

I have a lot of ambition but like the article states I feel I am at a solid MMO foundation base now to start creating these ideas around and because the nature of how MMO systems work I need to test publicly even in alpha considering I am just 1 person.




Will players be able to run the game client while simultaneously making changes though the web client? That would be cool.


Yes, because all the events are triggered through the socket conncetion.
As an example right now, as an admin, if i add an item to an inventory on the webserver it will push an event notification to the dedicated server that player is logged into and update their inventory on the client and server.