Warframe’s Dog Days summer event lets Tenno play with water guns for goodies


The world of Warframe is pretty dire and depressing, what with all of the enemy factions and plains full of gigantic monstrosities, so it’s pretty nice to see the game have a little more seasonal fun now and again. That’s what the Dog Days event looks to provide, letting Tenno let their… well, not their hair down, since they all wear helmets, but their scarves down?

In any case, the Dog Days event focuses on a water gun-based Tactical Alert. Teams enter a beachside arena to take down the most enemies possible before time runs out. There are no mods, no pets, and no abilities, just you and a squirt gun that gets reloaded by running through water fountains dotted around the map. Make it through all four missions and you’ll unlock rewards like a Redeemer Abysso Skin, a new Relay Scene, a Hydroid Reprise Noggle, and an Emblem. Further, players who participate in the Alert can earn currency to spend on rewards like Floofs and Captura scenes.

If running around squirt gunning enemies is somehow not your idea of a good time, there’s also double Credit earnings on all missions and double entries to the Space Ninja contest when you complete one mission every day. These boosts are on offer until Tuesday, August 6th, while the Dog Days Alert is running until Monday, August 12th. There’s a legitimately hilarious trailer for the event below.

source: official site, with thanks to Sophiskai for the tip!

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In addition to a sigil, an emblem, a colour picker, a captura scene, and beach ball floofs, Naka’s vendor rewards include the 9 mods usually exclusive to Sedna boss Kela De Thaym. In particular, the Medi-Ray mod for Sentinels and MOAs is well worth grabbing as it lets your pet provide passive heals to your ‘frame during missions.