Neverwinter, Champions Online, and Star Trek Online end XMPP chat client support


In an effort to reportedly take on the ever-encroaching menace that is gold selling spammers, outside chat client support powered by XMPP will be ended for Star Trek Online, Champions Online, and Neverwinter, adding to a growing list of feature support caualties.

A copy-pasted message from the forums of each game being affected explains that XMPP support is ultimately being used by too many nefarious sources to be deemed worthy of being maintained.

“While this feature was interesting and often convenient, it also unfortunately makes it easier for gold spammers and others to reach our chat system. Allowing access via an XMPP client also creates several technical challenges that make it difficult to keep our in-game chat safe and smooth. At this time, we don’t have any plans to replace this with a different service.”

Overall reaction to this announcement appears to range from indifferent disappointment to outright anger, with a number of posts pointing out that access to XMPP features requires a lifetime subscription — something that supposedly no gold spammer or gold spamming company would purchase. Regardless of the reason, if you access chat for either of these games with a third-party XMPP client, you’re out of luck.

sources: official forums (1, 2, 3), thanks panagiotis for the tip!

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Bruno Brito

I don’t know if i care, but this isn’t the first time that PW retires systems from the game without substituting them because they’re incompetent to actually FIX these things.

David Harrison

It still amazes me that to this day developers refuse to put in place systems that look for undesirable patterns in chat and simply not relay them when submitted.


For those that don’t know xmpp is . It gives users the ability to conversate with others who are in the game while you are not in the game. Through an app of sorts . I don’t really see a need for it in sto tho because there is no pvp and no need for it in a pve game.

Dani Reasor
Dani Reasor

Been a lifetime subscriber in Star Trek Online since 2013 and I’ve never heard of XMPP, let alone been in a guild where the leadership said they considered it essential.

If access to whatever this is really does require a lifetime sub account like mine, then it’s not likely that this has anything to do with gold spamming. It’s more likely an antiquated feature that none of the new hires know how to maintain, like the Foundry.

I’m bothered more by the the possibility of dishonest corporate communication than by the lost of whatever XMPP is.


fare thee well pigeon…. you were awesome..

Hikari Kenzaki

Yeah, the writing has been on the wall for xmpp chat for a while. As they decreased the ways to access it over time and basically made it clear they didn’t want new users finding it.
It was cool for people to keep track of each other for RP, Match making and cross game chatter but discord and other services have largely taken over that role.
Granted, my Cryptic friends list is small, but the folks I see log in to xmpp rarely log in to game, so that can’t be great for them either.