Red Dead Online is launching three new roles in next week’s Frontier Pursuits

Red Dead Online is launching three new roles in next week’s Frontier Pursuits

Is Red Dead Online ever gonna launch that promised summer update? Turns out that yes it is. It’s next week, and it’s still technically summer even! Launching on September 10th is what Rockstar is calling Frontier Pursuits: Essentially, they’re playstyle roles, kinda like class tracks with special experience, items, skills, and ranks. Bounty Hunters, Traders, and Collectors are slated for this patch.

“Each Role automatically earns Role XP as you complete a Role’s activities: when you hunt a bounty, you’ll earn Role XP toward the Bounty Hunter; when you find a collectible, you’ll earn Role XP towards the Collector and so on. Role XP counts towards your progression through 20 Role Ranks. You will reach a new tier of distinction every 5 ranks: Novice, Promising, Established and Distinguished. Unlocking a Role Rank earns Role Tokens and at certain ranks you’ll also unlock new skills, such as the Bounty Hunter ability to duck for protection on horseback or a Trader’s ability to train their camp dog to warn of a camp raid by thieves; upgrades to your satchel’s carrying capacity; or access to new Role specific Free Roam events. Each tier also has a kit of items that are unique to the Role and can be unlocked for purchase using Role Tokens.”

Rockstar is promising more roles in the future; in the meantime, this patch will drop new free roam events for the roles that are in, plus new stable slots, a jewelry price revamp, outfit quality-of-life tweals, and a weapons rebalance “to reduce reliance on headshots as the primary kill method in PvP.”

Source: Official site, press release

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Is Red Dead Online available for PC? Second, is it fun?


It will be soon and it’s a blast to play. I had it on Xbox one x and loved every second of it but the 30 fps was killing me. It has the most immersive world I have ever played and the detail is second to none. Rockstar is making it into more of a rpg with roles and trading and it will be a huge hit on PC. I check every Tuesday for the holiday release that is rumored and will have it first day on PC.