Star Wars: The Old Republic discusses the character designs for Mek-Sha’s former Mandalorians in Onslaught


There’s a lot of work that goes into even the background characters in Star Wars: The Old Republic. A new internal interview with lead world designer David Shramek discusses how the game manages designs, using the upcoming gang of former Mandalorians on Mek-Sha (introduced in the upcoming Onslaught) as an example. It also reveals some of the details about this gang of former bounty hunters, like how they rely upon scavenging pieces of equipment and how their leader has intentionally mismatched components even as he also clearly has the “best” pieces. They’re all the right color, but some of them have a metal surface and others look like Trooper armor.

The other members of the gang have more mismatched sets, but the sets also offer some information about the sort of characters wearing the equipment, ranging from a visible knife indicating the potential for connected abilities to additional bits of adornment added or removed to indicate rank. It’s an interesting look at how much of the game’s visual design goes on even in background elements you might not consciously notice; check out the full piece for more insights about NPCs.

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Let me start by saying I love ALL things Mandalorian they are by far my most favourite thing about the Star Wars universe way more than Jedi and Sith etc… however I did find that article somewhat disingenuous when it talks about the designs for some of the characters as if they were made specifically for them because they are ALL using pre-existing armour pieces in various combinations to depict them.

And I say this as someone who OWNS every frikkin armour depicted in their image of them and is using most of them on his own dozen or so Mandalorians lol

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Brazen Bondar

Mek-sha is the environment I am most interested in seeing. I thought Rishi was well done though under utilized. Hoping that Mek-sha will be a captivating environment that will feel alive to the player.