Check out the trailers for Blade & Soul’s Storm of Arrows, launching September 18

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This week, NCsoft quietly announced Storm of Arrows for Blade & Soul, packed with the new Zen Archer class. Players who log in before September 13th will be getting a freebie pack with a costume and other goodies too.

“Load your quivers and get ready for the new Zen Archer class with the launch of Blade & Soul: Storm of Arrows on September 18. Level up your new Zen Archer as you prepare to face new foes in the Cathedra Cliffs and gather your allies to storm the new Throne of Oblivion raid dungeon. You’ll even get to discover new legendary weapons and accessories, as well as some new game systems that will enhance your Blade & Soul experience even further.”

We’ve got the announcement trailer tucked down below, along with the more reason Echoes of a Song lore video – warning, that one’s an absolute tear-jerker.


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Well, that lore video is great! Holy shit. There is so much in that vid that touches several aspects of the story leading up to where we start and explains things we did not know until now, such as the queen being assassinated while in court.

And, of course, this is a much younger Jinsoyun, but still the emissary. Already she is pulling the levers toward her revenge.

Ok. I’ll stop the nerd gushing there.

Love the lore vie.

And I’m looking forward to the Archer!

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I enjoyed the couple dozen hours I put into this game, and the combat is magnificent, but I really wish the tone of the game matched their terrific update videos. The spoke-and-hub questing is such a dull way to deliver the story.


Man, I really wish I could get into this game. It always looks good on paper with the constant updates, but then I login and it just feels bad. The UI is abysmal and for some reason the loot/items in the game feel so clunky and you just get so much random shit that you have no idea what it does.