Dungeons and Dragon Online pumps out a Sharn-themed adventure pack


It’s Patch Day for Dungeons and Dragons Online. So what does the GM have planned for adventurers in Eberron? Why, it’s a new adventure pack that dovetails thematically with this year’s Masterminds of Sharn expansion.

Update 43 adds the level 17 Soul Splitter adventure pack (expansion not required). In these adventures, players will be exploring new parts of Sharn, uncovering a “vile conspiracy,” learning the titular Soul Splitter’s secret, visiting with a mad wizard, and even hanging out at a private club.

The patch also made one change to the permadeath server: “Hall of the Mark and Return to Delera’s Tomb are now exempt from the Hardcore League level lockout.”

Source: Dungeons and Dragons Online. Thanks DDOCentral!

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More House Cannith content! I’ll be sure to check out the further adventures of the warforged in Sharn.