Lord of the Rings Online begins testing the new Stout-Axe Dwarves

Not shown below: Stout-Axe Dwarf


Ever since we got word that a new Dwarf racial variant was on the way to Lord of the Rings Online, we’ve been curious what these Stout-Axe Dwarves were going to add to the game. Since SSG wasn’t really giving out any more details, this week’s preview of the race on the Bullroarer test server is the first time that the community’s had to dig into these short but hearty folk.

According to fan site LOTRO Players, which broke the story this past summer, “The Stout-Axes refused to return their Dwarf ring, having lived in the far east of Middle-earth. [They are] more grim, taller, and hardened by their captivity. They will have a new starting area.”

The update-in-testing also includes some tweaks to Isengard gear stats, new pig and bumblebee cosmetic pets (take THAT, other bee-focused MMO!), and the ability for player monsters to collect High Elf ears. That’ll be an interesting collection to explain to your significant other.

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Richard Hufnagel

A new race but not a new class? Waste……

Robert Mann

I’m guessing that this would then supposedly be one of the 4 rings that were “Taken or eaten by Dragons”. Whether through a clever fake, or via recovery of one of them?

There’s not really very solid ground for this in the lore, but it’s a possible (very large) stretch.

Randy Savage

I don’t have to explain my collection of trophies harvested from my kills to my significant other. She knows exactly the kind of man she married. One who puts food on the table. Literally.

Techno Wizard
Techno Wizard

Ummm.. Sauron had all of the remaining Dwarf rings and the rest were destroyed. Thráin the son of Thror had the last of the Dwarven rings before Sauron took it from him by force after kidnapping Thráin and torturing the Dwarf in Dol Guldur.