Star Citizen goes over ship weapon concepting and offers a look at a new Star Marine map


Star Citizen has offered a couple of intriguing peeks into its world and its process with a couple of updates. In one update we got a look at how one of the game’s artists concepts ship weapons, and in another we got a look at an upcoming Star Marine map from both a mechanical and lore perspective.

The latest Star Citizen Live stream introduces viewers to Aleksandras Akstinas of the weapon concept team, who provided a look at how he makes the various ship weapons seen in-game while answering player questions. The stream is a lengthy one, but provides an intriguing look at how weapons are concepted using a wide selection of purchased image galleries to both inspire drawing or as pieces that are cropped, stretched, and adjusted into basic weapon design ideas.

Star Citizen is also launching a new series of updates called the Traveler’s Guide to the Galaxy, with the premiere update focused on The Good Doctor Star Marine map. This facility, billed as a place of rehabilitation and removal of tech dependency, reportedly holds a more sinister purpose which can be pieced together if players look around. For those who’d rather use the map to shoot each other in, there are plenty of opportunities for that as well, as The Good Doctor is described as a place for close quarters combat… provided you don’t get lost in the labyrinth of rooms, of course.

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hopefully i won’t be forced to do an mp pvp match to explore the new star marine map. from the screenshots i’ve seen it appears at least at first glance to be more similar to what i might expect to see in the PU as opposed to the fully fps arena format maps that came before… it’ll be interesting to see what effects the improvements to ac having on sm here and if a similar approach was taken with this map as with “opening up” the arena commander maps.

i hear people are vaguely happy with what’s being seen in PTU right now, but cba to look beyond my socialz feed #1 and look in teh discordz and redditz. and i’m stilling mulling over slipping into the PTU or not even just to see what if any fm/combat changes there might be happening this go around. maybe this week. maybe.

what i see on teh socaliz feed #1 sounds happy tho. the banu defender apparently has a green qt field effect (as opposed to blue with terran manufactured ships). people are enjoying the long awaited emp/ewar module vanguard ship apparently a great deal (as the vanguard platform was in 36x pretty damn op ish in silly ways) – which also begs to ask if they unfricked EMP mechanics/bugs (which recently underwent an iterative change that did not appear to be fully implemented)