Dungeons and Dragons Online’s Night Revels Halloween event returns (with a pretty large bug)


If you feel a chill in the air and hear a slightly unnerving howl in the wind, you probably should close your window. Or you’re in the throes of another MMO Halloween event! Dungeons and Dragons Online has officially kicked off its annual Night Revels event, which invites players to a spooky graveyard for some Halloween fun.

Here’s how the event works: Players can visit the Delera’s Graveyard instance, which is part of the House Jorasco grounds in Eberron. This instance is available between levels 1-35. Defeating monsters in the Graveyard can reward the Darkest Chocolate base ingredient or a Night Revels Key which can be used to open a number of themed dungeons that reward additional ingredients. These various ingredients players can be turned in to a special vendor for candy, consumables, and various items. If players wish to stay in the Graveyard longer, they can purchase Night-Black Coffee from the DDO Store to replenish their Hit Points and Spell Points.

Unfortunately, the seasonal event didn’t launch without a rather major hiccup. Monster drops in the Graveyard were apparently dropping expired Darkest Chocolate instead of the current ingredient. A patch issued this morning has since corrected the problem, however, any expired Chocolate acquired in the Graveyard will not be converted to the current ingredient.

The Night Revels will run between now and Sunday, November 3rd. The game’s patch notes also have details on various updates that arrived to Dungeons and Dragons Online with Tuesday’s Halloween event patch.

sources: official site (1, 2), official forums, cheers DDOCentral!

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Techno Wizard
Techno Wizard

Ah the Halloween season for MMO’s. Trick or treat? Mostly treats with a few tricks.

SteelStar from DDO

The Chocolate bug is fixed as of this morning! The Graveyard is now dropping the correct chocolate.


Steel while you’re here I just wanted to say I respect the hell outta you guys. You’re working with an ancient and atavistic code base – basically the gamedev equivalent of the Lament Configuration – and a decade+ on you’re still wringing engaging and inventive play out of it. Good on you guys.