Destiny 2 kicks off Nightmare Hunts, tweaks 3v3 matchmaking, and counts PC as its biggest platform


Destiny 2 has had a pretty big few days on account of its Shadowkeep launch, so naturally things will keep on changing and evolving in order to continue to hook player interest. A couple of notable content updates have been made to the multiplayer shooter, while its arrival to Steam appears to have paid off in spades as far as the PC market is concerned.

First, Bungie has recently announced that a fix has been deployed to address apparent skill mismatches in several 3v3 PvP modes. Matches in the Survival, Freelance: Survival, and Labs: Elimination playlists should now be significantly more balanced. Or probably no longer full of “noobs” bringing down a person’s team causing them to lose, which is probably how player feedback likely read.

The weekly Bungie update is also out, providing a rundown of other updates in Destiny 2. Chief among them is the start of Nightmare Hunts, which task players to take on Champions from the game’s narrative past. Players can expect these hunts to get more challenging in the coming weeks, with Legend and Master hunts on the horizon. The update also touched on heavy weapon ammo spawning in Crucible matches, the timing for the next Iron Banner PvP event, and a nod to the clan that beat Shadowkeep’s raid and the subsequent arrival of the Vex to the Moon.

All of this is to feed a burgeoning playerbase that has ballooned on PC thanks to the jump from the Battlenet launcher to Steam. Metrics from the community-built tracker Charlemagne currently counts 58% of the game’s players are on Steam, which is a significant jump from the 22% of PC users from Battlenet this past July. SteamCharts also reports that Destiny 2 has crested into the top five most-played games on the platform, joining such perennial heavies as CS:GO, Dota 2, and PUBG.

sources: official forums, Bungie website, (1, 2) and SteamCharts via PCGamesN

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I’ll be interested to see how many of those new players stick around for the long term – speaking as one of them, the content is great but I’m not finding enough interest and variety in the gameplay to keep me around and replaying things after I’ve experienced all the free stuff (campaigns, adventures, lost sectors, strikes) once. Especially as progression after hitting the Light Level 900 soft cap feels like a very slow, tedious, and RNG-dependent grind.

Though I do think it’s definitely a game I’ll be coming back to for a week or so every time a new bit of free content is released.


* counts Steam as their biggest platform.

They were on PC before Steam. But 100M+ monthly active users gaming social network (i.e. Steam) is no joke as EGS management trying to pretend having none of the features after year(s) of development.

It’s actually interesting to see how it’s crucial to have small – yet enthusiastic – teams and budgets for successful social networks. Like Facebook was developed practically by a single person on an “outcast” programming language/platform at that time (PHP). Meaning – no people on salaries can achieve the same results as people with equity.


While the original version of Facebook was written by a small team, Facebook these days employs almost 40k people. I promise you they’re on salary and not equity.


I’m on the D2 gravy train again. I’m enjoying the f2p account I’m using. But I have also gone back to the game I bought long ago.

We will see if it has any staying power but right now I’m in through at least the holidays. Lol!

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I started playing this a couple of days ago, and I’m really digging it so far. But I had to do a lot of work reading up on mehanics and, like, how to start the campaigns first. The New Light experience is a fucking mess unless you have a friend playing Destiny 2 to give you through everything, and even then you get basically no narrative context for any of the shit you’re doing.


Yes. It didn’t dawn on me that this was a problem until we discussed it here. It is best to start with the Red War, you will get mechanics, gameplay and story. From there you can branch out.

They need to communicate that asap to keep new players playing.