Champions Online and DC Universe Online bring back their Halloween events


How, exactly, does a superhero — a person who has to wear a costume — celebrate a holiday when people wear costumes? By wearing more costumes, obviously! Both Champions Online and DC Universe Online are getting into the spooky season with their own returning Halloween events.

For Champions Online players, that means the Blood Moon rising, which will bring back Trick or Treaters to Millennium City and the Humans vs. Lycans PvP event. Players can earn goodies like two new cosmetic head pieces, a Trick or Treat Inventory Bag, and some new titles.

Over in DCUO, the Trick or Treat event is back to take minds off of Daybreak’s recent layoffs; it tasks players with filling up Trick or Teekl Buckets with candy found throughout the game. Consuming a full Bucket will grant players the opportunity to earn previous Halloween event rewards, improved chances at better candy, and modular aura color variants of the Nimbus, Plasmic, Smoke, and Vapor auras.

The first week of the Blood Moon of Champions Online is on now until October 17th, while DCUO’s Trick or Treat will run until October 31st.

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