Destiny 2 accidentally confirms the return of the Haunted Forest Halloween activity


Maybe it was an accident of programming, or maybe it was a little intentional tease of what’s to come. Whatever the case may be, it would appear that Destiny 2’s Haunted Forest will make a comeback this year as part of the 2019 Festival of the Lost Halloween event.

The cat went screaming out of the bag when Polygon noticed that last year’s Terror’s End and Deep in the Woods emblems, which track stats associated with the Haunted Forest activity, now have a stat line for 2019. These emblems are tracking the same metrics of Terrors defeated and Branches earned, which seems to suggest that the Haunted Forest will be arriving in precisely the same form as it did last year.

For those who missed out on last year’s event, the Haunted Forest tasks players with running through a gauntlet of increasingly challenging enemies (aka Terrors), beating as many levels (aka Branches) as fast as possible within the 15 minute time limit.

As we already know from the Destiny 2 release calendar, this year’s Festival of the Lost is due to run between Tuesday, October 29th, and Tuesday, November 19th. Details on just what else is on the way for Halloween should be arriving soon.

source: Polygon

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I downloaded this recently. I was pretty skeptical, but seems alright.