LOTRO’s community digs into the Minas Morgul expansion

All that and time travel too!


If all goes right — and why wouldn’t it? — next week will see the release of Minas Morgul for Lord of the Rings Online. The game’s newest expansion takes players back to Mordor and into the City of the Dead (which is not, contrary to popular belief, Hoboken, NJ), where players will also travel back in time in what we assume will be Gandalf’s tricked-out DeLorean eagle.

Now that the expansion is up on the test server, the community has been digging into it to see what adventures it will hold. LOTRO blog Lina’s Biscuity Burrow has a terrific photo shoot of the new lands and landmarks along with commentary.

“Minas Morgul is extra-super-duper iconic in this version, given that it has some heavy-duty strobe lighting on top,” she said. “Seriously, it’s like Sauron complained that the place was too hard to find and ordered the Witch-King to put out a light in the dark so he could find it whenever he came over for tea.”

And over on YouTube, Andang has a great preview livestream of the new maps of the region:

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