Dungeons and Dragons Online is finally getting horsies

Fun fact: File the antlers off a deer, it becomes a horse!


Hot on the heels of the hardcore server’s finale, Dungeons and Dragons Online had another big announcement for today: Mounts are actually, finally coming to the game.

Non-DDO players may not have realized this, but DDO is one of the few fantasy MMOs that has lacked any sort of mount ever since its launch. This was partially due to the heavily instanced nature of the game which didn’t really need super-quick transport for its dungeons.

However, on Wednesday’s livestream, Community Manager Cordovan confirmed that horses are coming with the next content update for players to obtain and ride. These will only be usable in the game’s expansive wilderness areas and will be an object, not a skill. The Keep on the Borderlands update is coming “soonish” but SSG declined to put a date on it.

Source: Twitter. Thanks Dark Phoenix!
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