Black Desert’s PS4 version gets the Striker and Tamer classes next week


It seems like every time I poke my nose into a Black Desert console thread, there’s a minor rebellion at hand as PS4 players gripe at Xbox One updates and the opposite too. Well, now that Xbox One has the Mystic, maybe PS4 players will happy to know they’re getting two classes next week: the Striker and the Tamer. See, a little more catch-up!

The Striker, of course, has been live for PC players since the spring of 2018, while the Tamer was one of the launch classes – indeed, it’s one of MOP’s Carlo’s favorite toons, and he’s written about it at length.

“The Striker is a brawler who unleashes furious punches and powerful kicks to wipe out his enemies. The Striker uses various combos to devastate his foes with never-ending attacks,” says Pearl Abyss, while the Tamer is “accompanied by her legendary beast Heilang, the tamer wields a Shortsword and a Trinket to demolish her enemies.”

Check out these older trailers for both classes for an idea how they’ll play! The launch for both is November 6th.

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