EverQuest and EverQuest II launch new heroic servers


Daybreak Games has heroic server fever, and the only cure is more heroic server. Both EverQuest and EverQuest II are launching some new heroic servers for those who want to relive either game’s old days, while EverQuest II has opened the Blood of Luclin beta for players eager to try out the new.

Miragul is the new heroic server for EverQuest, letting players start right at level 85 and get into Heroic-tier content. This server will not be accepting character transfers and will be releasing expansions that raise the level cap every three months and other expansions every two months. For those keeping score, the server will start off in House of Thule, which will be available for three months before Veil of Alaris arrives.

As for the EverQuest II heroic server Rivervale, that has opened up today. As previously announced in an earlier producer’s letter, this server is available to subscribers and will let players either start at level 1 or level 95. In addition, Rivervale is a free trade server, meaning Heirloom-level items can be traded among players. Further reading can be found in this Rivervale FAQ.

This Tuesday also sees the arrival of the Blood of Luclin beta for those who pre-ordered the expansion, as well as a number of updates to EverQuest II itself. All of that information can be found in these patch notes.

sources: EverQuest II forums (1, 2), EverQuest official site

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An EQ2 heroic server sounds interesting, but for returning players it must be impossible, because classes have way too many skills and abilities to learn if you jump in at a high level.

I’d rather have a fresh start server with an accelerated leveling curve for the first 70 or so levels.


Half at least are useless now anyway, so it’s…wait, you have to know which are which, so that makes it WORSE. Nevermind.


I’d be curious what people’s reactions to the $250 price point on the family and friends expansion

Bruno Brito

Of every server i’ve seen EQ2 launch, this must be the most inconsequential ever.