Elder Scrolls Online teases December’s Game Awards, kicks off Dawn of the Dragonguard


So here’s one of the beautiful things about Elder Scrolls Online development in the last couple of years: It’s consistent as heck. You pretty much know there’s going to be DLC, then a chapter, then two more DLC. The release announcements for each of these pieces of content are pretty consistent too.

This is why you should start working up some hype for The Game Awards on December 12th. While ZeniMax Online Studios says it’ll be dropping a new trailer to wrap up the Season of the Dragon, we won’t be surprised to see some teases for the next season either, especially given that the company traditionally delivers a big reveal in early January. We also kinda doubt they’d announce a trailer release weeks in advance if it weren’t important…

“The last battle in your year-long adventure is here! Tune into @thegameawards on December 12th to see the third and final installment of the #SeasonOfTheDragon cinematic trailers.”

Meanwhile, don’t forget that the Dawn of the Dragonguard event is underway now.

Source: Twitter
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And so begins another exciting chapter in the let’s grind an Indrik Re-colour event schedule….urgh. Rewards this time round are a little disappointing not even a whole new set of motifs only a helm and shoulders :(