Daybreak announces December launch dates for EverQuest’s Torment of Velious and EverQuest II’s Blood of Luclin


Classic MMO gamers have been able to preorder EverQuest and EverQuest II’s big expansions for a while now, but there’s one key thing they didn’t know: when exactly launch day was coming.

Now they do. According to tweets sent out this afternoon by Daybreak, EverQuest’s Torment of Velious expansion releases December 18th, while EverQuest II’s Blood of Luclin will beat it out the door to launch on December 17th.

As we’ve previously covered, both of these expansions are a bit of a lore throwback for the franchise. In Blood of Luclin, players are going to the moon. Seriously. The level cap gets a bump to 120, with new solo, heroic, and raid content, plus the new Overseer feature, which is basically like minion systems in other popular MMOs. In Torment of Velious, on the other hand, players are headed to the frozen north, with a level cap bump of its own, new alternate advancement perks, and six zones to traverse.

Source: EQ1, EQ2
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