Ultima Online’s Jolly Roger update is officially live this week

There are lots of different defintions of penalty.

Here we go: Ultima Online’s last major update of 2019 is now upon us as the Jolly Roger has officially set sail on the live servers this week.

This update marks the fourth of the year and (we assume) the end of the High Seas theme that has characterized all the updates this year, starting with Rising Tide in March and working through Forgotten Treasures and Forsaken Foes.

The Jolly Roger update itself includes a new storyline arc, shrine battles, upgrades to mannequins, the Christmas holiday update and annual gifts, the Artisan Festival, and the Krampus rewards. Plus new stuff in the cash shop: a full stable set with unique spawning mechanics, and a special pet whistle that tamers can use to make their pets do fun tricks.

Ultima Online went free-to-play in 2018, so you can jump in and take a peek, though we recommend the sub option for getting the most out of this 22-year-old MMORPG and the update.

Source: Patch notes

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Funny mishap: I tried restarting my old char(he wasnt too advanced) and I placed the intact(had even the consumable tokens) endless journey cash store bought hardbox in the bank(was exactly 20 items so it fit) and my gold in the bank thinking that bank stays when you remake a character. To my surprise, first it doesnt take you through the tutorial but instead places you at New Haven bank and the item is gone(and in its place it has fireworks and such) but the 260k+ gold stayed there in the bank intact. That said I am not bummed about it since it is possible I make a toon on other servers and not sure which server I will play and I will probably go for a subscription anyways so a container lost isnt much but I should had done a bit research before deleting to be fair