MassivelyOP’s Weirdest MMO Stories of 2019: Transmedia sub synergy


Today we’re finishing off our countdown of Massively OP’s weirdest MMORPG stories of 2019!

Coming in at #1 on our list is…

Guild Wars 2 kicks off Icebrood Saga promotion with Quiznos

This was a hard choice since there were so many ridiculous cross-promotions this year. FFXIV teamed up with Papa Johns. TERA and PUBG had a cross-promo event. Roblox partnered with Stranger Things and the NFL. Guild Wars 2 got a clothing line that looks like armor from the game. Destiny 2 got shoes. Shoes?! Shoes. And Fortnite got Star Wars. Wheee!

But our pick for weirdest cross-promo is Guild Wars 2’s dealio with Quiznos. We have no idea why ArenaNet picked Quiznos, but Reddit had an idea:

The real story behind Anet and Quiznos from Guildwars2

Thanks for playing along with our weird stories countdown, and don’t forget to check out our annual¬†MMORPG awards¬†and our blooper awards!

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