The Elder Scrolls Online has finally started the Undaunted event

The Elder Scrolls Online has finally started the Undaunted event

All right. Are we ready? Are we finally ready for this event? The Elder Scrolls Online has been trying to get the Undaunted event rolling properly for a very long time now, making the whole thing into a comedy of errors. First it was announced, then problems surfaced immediately and it was paused, then the holidays happened and suddenly everything went into lockdown while everyone hammered to fix it. But here we are, January 9th, and we’re trying this again!

Thankfully, there’s a primer to catch up if you’d forgotten what the Undaunted event was actually supposed to be aside from meme fodder. Short version? You run dungeons and get event currency by killing final bosses. Do it a bunch for new appearances. Yeah, it’s not all that complicated, which is probably why even the developers are a bit tired of going over it by now… but, hey, here it is live once again.

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Joseph Mcfadden

i’m not sure i understand about the broken group finder tool?? i have been using the group finder for a solid 4 months now and rarely wait longer than 3 minutes for a group…often getting the notification in under 60 seconds.

of course i typically queue up as healer

the game suffers the same fate as the others. a few healers, less tanks, and a TON of dps.

my problem with the undaunted event is now everyone wants the rewards and the drops so now we have THOUSANDS of people who either have never run a dungeon, or rarely do, joining groups and wiping pugs because they have NO idea what they are doing and refuse to listen, learn, and NOT stand in the fire. so now only about 1 in every 10 groups actually completes the dungeon and gets the rewards.

its a LITTLE better if you queue for the random veteran but don’t even mess with the normal.

Daniel Reasor

Did they finally get the game’s broken group finder tool working again or what?

Bryan Correll