Neverwinter shows off some of the fiendish rewards waiting in Infernal Descent


You wouldn’t adventure into the hells unless there was some shiny loot waiting, would you? Luckily, the Infernal Descent content update coming to Neverwinter has lots of spoils for players to chase after, many of which were previewed in the most recent developer blog.

There’s the Infernal Forged armor that can be bought with Seals of the Fallen earned from epic dungeons, which promises “a devilish quality with an equally insatiable desire for more power.” There’s the Lion Guard armor which can be forged from rare materials claimed from the Infernal Citadel itself, which is described as the most powerful armor available. There’s also several artifacts that provide benefits against Demons and Devils when worn together, as well as new level 80 gear earned from taking down named fiends that roam Vallenhas.

Basically, expect to get lots of new stuff. And most of it is pointy.

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I updated NW today, and I’d like to declare that I’M BACK! (yay!)