English localization for MMO Blue Protocol suggests a westward push after all as alpha NDA drops

Please come out here and please be good.

While it’s not an official announcement of a western release, the news that Bandai Namco is reportedly on the lookout for an English localization manager for the anime-styled action MMORPG Blue Protocol feels about as close to one as fans are likely to get.

According to Redditor Furia_BD, the job posting not only seeks an English localization manager but also hints at a full English voiceover cast. It certainly all reads as Bandai Namco is about to go full steam ahead on a launch of Blue Protocol on our side of the globe, which reportedly stated last July that there were no plans for a western release at the time.

For those who need a refresher, Blue Protocol is a sci-fantasy action MMO built on an original IP and Unreal Engine 4. The game brings players to the world of Regnus, where an undisclosed doom nears the world. It was first announced in July 2019, and beyond some character creation showcases there hasn’t been much else said about the game until the alpha NDA came down, resulting in gobs of new videos.

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