Black Desert’s Kunoichi rolls out to PS4, awakens on Xbox One, and drinks all the wine

Tragically, thieves stole most of her clothing.

It’s patch day once again for console players of Black Desert, as this week Pearl Abyss has finally added the Kunoichi to the PS4 version of the game, not just with her base form but her awakening too. PC players in the west, of course, have had her since 2016, while Xbox One players saw her patched in a month ago, with her awakening yesterday.

You know, I’m starting to think having four different platforms for one game is getting confusing.

Do poke through the patch notes as Pearl Abyss is making several other changes, including adjusting conquest war taxes, tweaking books, adding the fishing boat totem system, and gutting wine. I know, right, not the wine.

“We have removed the ability to exchange high quality wine for energy recovery items, and we will also be removing High Quality Wine from the game. This hidden interaction was designed back when Black Desert originally launched, and as the economy progressed it became an easy way to refill your energy for a very small amount of silver. The decision to remove this exchange was a difficult one since the interaction was incredibly popular with people who do lifeskills, but with more and more people taking advantage of lifeskills it was important for us to protect the value of gathered items. This change will hopefully protect these prices from decreasing further.”

Source: Patch notes