Blue Protocol is going to be free-to-play on launch

Commence the jiggling.

Those of you eagerly following news about the upcoming cel-shaded Blue Protocol may be happy to know that the game now has a planned business model. Those of you with a deep and all-consuming hatred for anything free-to-play, on the other hand, might be unhappy to learn that… well, that’s it, the game is free-to-play. It’s promising to have some form of season pass along with cosmetics, although the details are not yet finalized, just like the number of characters players can have is still being decided (but it’s two for the closed beta).

The game will definitely feature guilds for the final release, but not for the closed beta, while social activities like fishing and player housing will be released but slowly. PvP has also not been planned at this time, while new classes post-launch are currently in the process of development. It may not be all of the information you want to hear, but it’s still more information as the game moves closer to testing and subsequent release.

Source: Blueprotocoldb via Reddit (1, 2)
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