Mobile MMO TERA Hero shows off PvP, PvE, and raid fights in new videos


The folks over at MMO Culture have pulled together some new videos of the Korean mobile version of TERA, otherwise known as TERA Hero, which was formerly known as TERA Frontier. Got the name sorted out? Good. Let’s get to the gameplay.

TERA Hero will apparently be character-based, with 18 different characters players can earn through gameplay and not gacha mechanics. The majority of the gameplay is tuned for a three-character party experience, including PvP and PvE, though the raid boss encounter included in the video package has multiple teams of three attacking the same creature, so it appears that there’s some cooperative gaming to be had in that regard.

TERA Hero will launch in Korea on Thursday, March 5th. There are currently no plans to bring the game to the west, but time will tell on that front. You can take a look at the gameplay yourself below.

source: MMO Culture

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