Ashes of Creation discusses alpha 1, shows off monsters and houses


Ashes of Creation appears to be ramping up things and nearing a point of its first alpha. The most recent developer update livestream has offered some word of where things stand with the testing phase as well as a whole lot of artistic looks at creatures, clothing, and several houses and locations.

On the subject of alpha 1, the team at Intrepid Studios has been working on fleshing out its hybrid combat model, with particular focus on weapons-based fighting first. The devs are also working on monster behavior and how monsters interact with nodes, and getting the feel of a node switching from level two to level three right.

The alpha build will be a broad collection of most of the final game’s systems like crafting, gathering, leveling a node up, and some PvE and PvP content. Timing for alpha 1 should be announced at some point later in the year, with testing ramping up in single-day and weekend tests based on phases.

The rest of the stream was devoted to showing off a variety of monsters including a whole lot of bears, offering a look at several tribal-styled hut houses and a few locations, and the usual round of fan Q&A. You can check out the complete stream below or head to Ashes Post for a synopsis.


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Dankey Kang

Not gonna lie, I forgot this game even existed.

Toy Clown

I’m impressed with the character’s clothing and the way the buildings look. If they can manage to avoid neon dyes, high-heeled bikini plate outfits and the range of other crap MMOs fall into to make cash shop sales, it’d be an experience worth hopping into just for the immersion factor alone.


Can’t wait to see how the nodes will work in execution.


The biggest news IMO was that they’ll be showing off Alpha 1 gameplay next month (which I guess was what they were going to do at GDC). So I’m curious to see what the MMORPG looks like at this stage. It’s been a few years I think since we saw anything?

Jarette Domongatt

Nothing much. Their development has been slow as hell. Teasers here and there but not much info being thrown out.