Prosperous Universe prepares to give population more punch with the Populous update

I'll never let go, Jack. I'll never let go.

The next major update to Prosperous Universe has been dubbed Populous, and it’s all about population… except in some ways, it might feel like a slight change. After all, population isn’t some entirely new figure, according to the most recent development entry, but is instead tied in with the workforce figure already tracked across settlements. But tying population in with the workforce means that this isn’t just a number being tracked but a group of people, which lets the system link to other systems over time.

Among the planned systems are colonization recruitment drives, caring for different tiers of the workforce, fluctuations being based upon amenities offered over time, and so forth. It means that the number doesn’t just go up when you produce the right buildings but actually has to be managed and watched attentively. Work is also continuing on the game’s new player experience, so check out the full entry for more details on the game’s development as well as how to make people happy in a prosperous universe. If you’d forgotten, Prosperous Universe is a sandbox MMO for your browser which launched last year; check out our play experience just below.

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